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Attending live online workshops offers the chance to share your parenting challenges with others, which has been shown to alleviate as much stress and worry as practising mindfulness! Not only that, many of us find that we’re more alert and responsive when we’re interacting with others.

Here’s what’s on for the rest of the Spring Term 2024!


Young friends

Developing Healthy Friendships

Tuesday 27th February at 8pm

Friendships can be supportive and affirmative, and give children a sense of belonging. Having and being with good friends brings out the best in children and allows them to experience trust and intimacy outside the family.

But friendships can also be troublesome. Some children find it hard to make or keep friends. Most children experience some difficulties in friendships, including name-calling, tale-telling, exclusions, and even aggressive behaviours which are upsetting for the children and for their parents.

Join us to learn about different friendship groups and how boys and girls experience friendship. We will share practical ways to help children develop the positive behaviours and social skills that help create and maintain healthy friendships. We will also discuss how parents can offer support to their children through various friendship challenges, including how we can help children respond to teasing in ways that reduce the chances of it recurring or escalating.

Young Girl with school books

Understanding and encouraging motivation

Tuesday 5th March at 7:30pm

Children are naturally highly motivated - just not always in the ways that parents would like! It's developmentally appropriate that children prefer to play rather than do homework, tidy their toys, brush their teeth, and much more. It's also entirely normal that if you are worried about not being able to do something, or you don't understand why something matters, you procrastinate and find it hard to get started.

So it's important that parents understand how motivation works, and know what they can do to encourage a positive intrinsic motivation in their child, including developing a healthy attitude to learning and mistakes, so their child can feel empowered to engage with their schoolwork and fulfil their potential - and also brush their teeth!

Join us to discover the different motivational styles, what affects our child’s levels of motivation and how motivation develops and changes over time. We will look at 5 key ways parents can nurture the best sort of motivation in their child that leads to optimal outcomes.


Sometimes you may want solutions as soon as possible for a particular parenting challenge or specific area of interest. That’s why we’re creating a library of our workshops that you can download and watch at your convenience.

After you’ve watched the workshop, you can get in touch to arrange your free 30-minute call with one of The Parent Team.

The Parent Team Library includes …


Young Girl with school books

Nurturing potential at school online workshop

Every parent wants their child to fulfil their potential at school. And most parents get frustrated with what they perceive to be a lack of motivation, organisation or focus at times! Precious family time gets eaten up with battles about evening homework as fraught parents try to encourage their children to complete assignments or revise for tests.

Download this online workshop to discover effective ways to help your child thrive at school by developing their confidence and fostering a positive attitude to learning, as well as ways to encourage more independence and responsibility and strategies for healthy study habits!


Child studying

Thriving through the 11+

The 11+ process is an intensive process which has important implications for the choice of a child’s next school. The process can cause real stress for children and their parents.

Some parents become concerned that their child is becoming so worried about the exams and interviews that they won’t do themselves justice on the day, and other parents are frustrated about their child’s apparent lack of motivation or even any interest in the process.  

Join us to find out how you can help your child approach and manage the 11+ process, from the preparation stages through to the exams and interview days, and to the high emotions when the school offers are made. We will look at how parents can help their child feel as comfortable, confident and motivated as possible as they approach this exam period, which lays the foundation for how they approach the many other exams to come in the future.


Calmer Parent

Finding a Calmer Parenting Style

Have you ever reacted to your child’s behaviour in a way that you regret? Have you noticed that it usually doesn’t help improve your child’s behaviour, and it can escalate the situation? Would you like to understand why this happens and what you can do about it?

When our kids are rude, demanding, or un-cooperative, when they provoke their siblings or ignore or flout the family rules, many parents are pushed to shouting, blaming and threatening. Losing our cool in these difficult moments is a lose/lose situation but it is a cycle that can be broken.

Join us to learn how our brains are wired and why certain behaviours push us to react, and what we can do to stay calmer in the face of challenging moments, so we can handle respond more effectively.


Fostering Harmony


Getting along with a sibling is a surprisingly complex matter! As each brother and sister tries to work out how to get along and share their lives, there is inevitably a level of whining, arguing, tale-telling, provoking and name-calling which all parents find challenging and upsetting.

When parents know how to nurture the sibling relationship and the most effective way to respond to moments of conflict, it creates a more harmonious and peaceful atmosphere at home.

This recorded workshop explains the dynamics of the sibling relationship and identifies major causes of conflict. We look at how parents can, inadvertently, contribute to sibling rivalry and reveals practical ways that parents can help children develop a positive relationship with each other. We also share the most effective way that parents can handle sibling arguments and fights that lead to improved behaviour and how parents can help their children learn to resolve their differences for themselves.


Boys Behaviour


Boys have many positive qualities, which can also be challenging for their parents, and often for the boys themselves.

It can be hard for boys to manage their energy appropriately, and many of them struggle with co-operation as well as organisation and focus. They can become excessively competitive and find it hard to win and lose appropriately. They are often tempted to push boundaries and challenge authority, and have difficulties accepting responsibility for their behaviour.

Learn key skills to channel energy and deal with excessive competitiveness, and help your sons develop better habits of co-operation and work within boundaries.



We can bring any of our workshops to you and a group of friends either by Zoom for £500 or in-person for £600*.

Get in touch at to arrange a date!

*Central London, UK and Westchester County, NY

I attended your brilliant workshop on Anxiety last night – thank you so much. I have already been able to use some of your top tips and I want to hear more about how else we can support our daughter.

- Sarah, mum of one

The Anxiety Workshop was absolutely brilliant, and so full of achievable everyday tips to help the kids (and ourselves!) achieve a more balanced emotional state. One of our kids is prone to anxious feelings and it’s a daily challenge to manage it so your advice was invaluable.

- Martha, mum of two

Attending the workshop was a great way to spend an evening together at home! It was a really good investment of our time to try to understand our son better and be the best parents we can.

- Nicola, mum of two

The Girls & Friendship workshop was excellent. Recently my 12 year old daughter was in a friendship triangle fallout and I felt so capable to help her this time, whereas I have felt helpless before.

- Emma, mum of two

I underestimated how life-changing some of the advice from the Boys Workshop was. Descriptive Praise has done wonders for my son. He is happier, more relaxed, and better behaved as a result. And so are the rest of us!

- Laura, mother of two


Let The Parent Team help you find the best way forward for your family whether you want to make small changes to the dynamics at home, or need support with significant challenges.